How does CBD oil make you feel?

How does CBD oil make you feel?

The most common question when the topic of CBD comes up is "How does CBD oil make you feel?". Considering the stigma surrounding the CBD industry as a whole, there is a ton of speculation around the concrete effects of CBD - "Will it get me high?" "Will it even work?"

Products such as CBD oil, CBD gummies, CBD vapes & CBD topicals are referred to as substances used to combat pain relief, inconsistent sleep cycles, and stress management. 

The hemp plant as we know it has a strong sedative impact making it an ideal product for all people who experience serious waves of stress throughout the day. Nevertheless, potential CBD users are still highly reluctant to use CBD because they're afraid of the possible psychoactive effects.


How do companies make CBD oil?

As mentioned, CBD oil (also known as cannabidiol oil) is made directly from the hemp plant itself. By utilizing advanced CO2 extraction, companies create this hemp extract. The most common hemp-derived CBD substance on the market is full-spectrum CBD oil, which is used as a basis for numerous other products. If we further process this oil, we will get CBD isolate (also known as pure CBD) and broad-spectrum CBD oil.

Often, potential CBD users have a preconceived notion that these substances come from the marijuana plant, a species known for its psychoactive properties. The marijuana plant causes psychoactive effects due to its high THC concentration - this intoxicating cannabinoid can alter your perception and induce a feeling of being high.

Now, this is not the case for any CBD products. The Hemp plant, which CBD is derived from, only has a regulated amount of THC in it. This is why various Health Organizations have deemed it legal and safe for everyone to consume. All CBD products on the market cannot have more than 0.3% THC content in them, which promises you that you will not get high! 


How does CBD oil affect you?

A CBD supplement will affect CB1 receptors as well as CB2 receptors in your body. They belong to the endocannabinoid system to regulate stress, sleep, pain, appetite, and numerous other internal functions. Besides its impact on the endocannabinoid system, cannabinoids and terpenes found in the plant may also have a sedative effect. Often, people also utilize them for their anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic, and antimicrobial properties. 


How does CBD oil make you feel?

CBD products are very complex chemically, and they come in various shapes and forms. Users can apply CBD topicals, CBD edibles, and other substances daily. While medicinal hemp is powerful, it usually doesn't show its full potential until after a few weeks of administration.

Your weekly routine, as well as the dose, can be essential factors when determining how you're going to feel. Many experts claim that a smaller CBD dosage can increase alertness while a higher one can cause drowsiness. In most cases, the impact of cannabidiol is mild and gradual, causing you to feel different effects.


Potential benefits

Here are some of the positive CBD effects: 

Relaxation of the body and mind

Most people use this substance to tackle stress and anxiety. The product can relax your fine muscle tissue but also have a powerful impact on your brain. CBD is especially great in the evening, as it will allow you to eliminate all the accumulated daily stress. 

Inflammation and pain

Given that the chemical can soothe your muscles, it isn't surprising that it might help with acute and chronic pain. Cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory properties that can be great for both acute and chronic issues. Furthermore, prolonged use can improve your joint flexibility on top of muscle benefits.

Increased alertness, memory, and focus  

Consumers often administer CBD in the morning. That way, they can increase energy levels, alertness, focus, and memory. The product has shown great potential for improving performance during technical tasks. 

Numerous skin improvements

Hemp has antioxidant chemicals that do wonders for the skin. When you use topical items, they can penetrate surface tissue, thus delivering various benefits. Among others, experts believe that its anti-inflammatory properties can provide some assistance for acne. 

Potential drawbacks 

The chemical might also cause certain side effects:


Diarrhea is often mentioned problem when you use CBD tinctures, CBD capsules, and other edibles. As the product goes into your stomach, it might cause irritability and changes to digestion and appetite.


As already mentioned, drowsiness is one of the problems you might encounter. But, some people are even looking forward to this effect, especially those who want to reduce stress levels and improve their sleep.

Change in blood pressure

Again, like drowsiness, lowering blood pressure isn't surprising given the chemical's anxiolytic properties. A CBD user can experience a significant drop in blood pressure after using one of these items.

Does CBD oil have a positive effect?

Generally speaking, CBD oil products should make you feel better no matter what. Unlike marijuana-derived CBD, industrial hemp products will carry much more benefits with fewer side effects. 

Your CBD routine is one of the main factors that will impact how you feel. Constant changes in dosage can provoke side effects. Or, if you manage to find the correct daily quantity of the substance, your progression will be much faster. 

Most people will tell you that they've felt relaxed but energetic after administering the chemical. There are various metabolic improvements that you can experience, ranging from better appetite, digestion, lower energy consumption, etc. 

Keep in mind that these improvements will change as you change product types. For example, edibles provide more prolonged effects but also take a while to kick in. Topicals can only be used for skin, and they don't provide internal boosts. When you smoke CBD e-liquid, you can experience quick relief that also dissipates quite quickly. 

The potential impact of cannabidiol is often connected to your medical condition and overall state. The substance is primarily meant to restore homeostasis or natural balance. If you're in good shape, using CBD will not have that much of an impact. Keep in mind that the product is not meant to substitute drugs or to treat medical conditions. It is mainly regarded as a wellness therapy of a sort. 


Does CBD get you high? 

Cannabidiol can have a positive impact on your body. Most experts categorize its effect as uplifting compared to marijuana, which is characterized as a downer. Still, the substance can also be used as an anxiolytic.  

The potential benefits and effects vary depending on a specific strain and its chemical composition. The ratio between CBD and THC can play a significant role in that sense. CBD is often used for suppressing THC, while it is also theorized that you need THC to activate CBD's binding potential. 

Regardless, as long as the product has less than 0.3% THC, it will be safe for prolonged human consumption. Hemp-derived CBD items are safe wherever you buy them. However, marijuana-based substances can lead to issues and even get you high. So, the most important thing you need to consider is THC concentration if you wish to avoid these adverse effects. 

Often, it is best to use these chemicals together. Based on limited data, Sivan's full-spectrum CBD oil has the best potential of all the oils from this category. Given that it combines both CBD and THC, you will experience benefits from both chemicals. Using all cannabinoids together, at the same time, can create the so-called "entourage effect" where cannabinoids and terpenes improve each other's impact.


What types of CBD oils are there?

As mentioned, we differentiate full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate. Each one of them is different in terms of chemical composition. But, their effects can also vary significantly based on where you've bought them.

Always make sure to buy quality CBD products from reputable stores such as Sivan CBD. 

Here are the main types of CBD oils and what to expect from them:

Full-spectrum CBD oil

Full-spectrum oil is the most common product on the market. It has all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids as the hemp plant. The main reason why you should use it is so that you can achieve entourage effects. The item provides a perfect balance between THC and CBD that will allow you to maximize the cannabis plant's potential.

Broad-spectrum CBD oil

Broad-spectrum is an excellent solution for all those who want to get as much as possible from hemp but want to avoid THC. The oil has the same chemical composition as full-spectrum except for the fact it lacks THC. Broad-spectrum CBD oil is perfect for all the professionals who are regularly tested for marijuana.

CBD isolate

Depending on who you ask, CBD isolate might be the best cannabidiol product on the market. It allows you to focus on just one chemical, cannabidiol, while omitting everything else. While this has its merits, you will miss on potential effects from all other cannabinoids and terpenes by using an isolate.   




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