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All Natural CBD

From seed procurement to final harvest, Sivan ensures that each flower flourishes through responsible farming practices. All of our Sivan Remedies contain first in class CBD and are produced while adhering to stringent safety & ethical protocols. We believe that the best way to embolden and support our community is by incorporating the finest natural flower in all of our products.


Each of our Sivan Remedies has been scientifically derived by a dedicated team of engineers to ensure increasingly effective results for our Sivan family. The motivation behind developing all of our formulations is to achieve direct and maximum effects with minimal ingredients. Diligent research and meticulous product development translates to beneficial goods and a happy community.

Commitment to Transparency

From seed all the way down the supply chain, Sivan is a world-class leader in transparent practices. We guide our community in this exciting new industry first and foremost through education and innovation. All of our products have been third-party laboratory certified as a testament to our prioritization of quality and safety. Check out each Sivan Remedies’ Certificate of Analysis in the FAQ section of the product webpage to see all Third Party Lab Test results for yourself! As the CBD industry continues to grow, our community will have access to groundbreaking, primary-sourced information so that you’re as on top of the industry as we are.

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Make each day brighter than the last with remedies made just for you.

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