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Founded on principles of inclusion for all and transparent practices, Sivan strives to grow an open community of forward-thinking members with the intent to destigmatize the hemp industry and above all, encourage awareness for mental health and physical wellness. Sivan is committed to serving its community by offering solutions to the “just going through the motions” lifestyle.

Sivan will continue to innovate cutting edge remedies while promoting wide outreach to all walks of life in an effort to prevent yesterday’s challenges limiting today’s progress.


Sivan Remedies come in a variety of styles: Tasty Oils, Lush Creams & Delicious Gummies. Behind each creation included countless hours spent speaking with real people from all walks of life. The intent was to discover the most common discomforts across all demographics, and their preferred applications for treatment. The mission behind our research was to offer profound solutions in familiar forms. So when you have a Sivan remedy in your hands for the very first time, just know it was custom prepared with you in mind.

Small Discomforts Lead to Bigger Complications

Far too often, we notice the discomforts we feel today carry into the next day, and continue to stay with us. Whether it’s aches and pains, constant stress from a demanding career, or restlessness caused by late night overthinking, we tend to dismiss these troubles by convincing ourselves that they’ll go away over time. In reality, these issues compound each passing day, taking a much larger toll on our internal balance and overall health. That’s where Sivan Remedies come in.

Our high-quality products offer simple solutions for your everyday discomforts. No longer will you resign to a ‘‘just going through the motions” lifestyle. Adding Sivan Remedies to your daily routine will revitalize areas of your life that have been stunted by ongoing stress and pain.

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Make each day brighter than the last with remedies made just for you.

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