Why Use Full Spectrum CBD

Why Use Full Spectrum CBD

Knowing the difference between the many CBD products on the market can be a challenge. Our focus at Sivan CBD is quality, consistency, and transparency, so in this blog post, we will be breaking down the most prevalent CBD products on the market.

We always want to deliver the maximum CBD benefits to you. Our CBD product line specifically focuses on CBD for anxiety, CBD for sleep, and CBD for pain relief. We make the best CBD products on the market. Our Full Spectrum CBD lotions, CBD oils, CBD tinctures, and CBD gummies are made from the best hemp oil derived from the highest quality hemp flower available! 


CBD Breakdown: 

The 3 main compounds with notable medicinal effects contained in CBD are:


There are 100+ Cannabinoids contained in Hemp plants. Cannabinoids are the primary medicinal compounds contained in CBD and are shown to have anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety agents in addition to promoting sleep. Cannabinoids are the primary medicinal compound in CBD and are unparalleled in the benefits provided without negative side effects. Cannabinoids are the root of all positive CBD effects. 


Terpenes  are the compounds that affect and amplify the plant’s fragrance.There are 150+ Terpenes contained in Hemp.  Terpenes add therapeutic effects in much the same way as scented candles or essential oils do. People associate lavender with a calming effect. That’s because of Terpenes. The Terpene content boosts CBD’s therapeutic effects, particularly in terms of anxiety and stress management. 


The final medicinal compound contained in CBD are Flavonoids. There are 20+ Flavonoids contained in the Hemp plant. Flavonoids are contained in various types of plants including fruits, vegetables, and grains. They bolster CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects, helping with pain management and reducing life’s daily aches. 

3 Types of CBD: 

The 3 Main CBD products on the market today are: 

  • CBD Isolate 
  • Broad Spectrum CBD 
  • Full Spectrum CBD

  • The chart below breaks down the medicinal compounds contained in each of the aforementioned products.  

    Full  Spectrum Broad  Spectrum Isolate
    CBD yes yes yes
    THC yes no no
    Flavonoids yes yes no
    Terpenes yes yes no


    The Entourage Effect: 

    The reason why Sivan chose to provide Full Spectrum CBD across our product line is because it leverages a phenomenon known as “The Entourage Effect,” which is the biggest benefit of Full Spectrum CBD. “The Entourage Effect” is where all the compounds in CBD work together to maximize CBD’s medicinal effect. 

    CBD Isolate is what it sounds like. It is CBD isolated from all other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. In other words, it only contains CBD. In the process of isolating CBD from hemp buds, it destroys many of the other cannabinoids, greatly reducing efficacy. Overall, if you’re looking for CBD as a means to treat pain, anxiety, or insomnia, CBD Isolate is an ineffective measure. Sivan has a focus on quality, consistency, and effectiveness in everything we do, which is why we prioritize products that leverage the Entourage Effect. 

    Broad Spectrum CBD is the product in between Isolate and Full Spectrum, however, it runs into many of the same issues as CBD Isolate. Similarly, the process of removing the trace amounts of THC (less than 0.3% THC) destroys many cannabinoids and reduces the product’s efficacy. THC trends to be a trigger for people new to CBD consumption. It is associated with getting users high, which makes sense as it is the primary psychoactive ingredient in Marijuana. In CBD, however, the trace THC content only serves to amplify the Entourage Effect and increase the CBD benefits.  

    Sivan CBD exclusively creates Full Spectrum CBD products, which contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids resulting in a maximally effective product line. Although Full Spectrum CBD contains trace amounts of THC (less than 0.3%), it DOES NOT get you high. Rather, the trace amounts of THC work in tandem with the other cannabinoids to enhance the Entourage Effect and bolster efficacy. There is a lot of concern surrounding CBD vs THC, but in the case of Sivan’s Full Spectrum CBD products, know they are working for your best interest. 

    Full Spectrum CBD is the industry standard in CBD products. As an industry leader, we at Sivan bring you products that are engineered with one purpose in mind: your wellbeing. 


    Full Spectrum CBD @ Sivan: 

    Sivan is not a “Health and Wellness” brand -- we are a Realistic Lifestyle brand. Therefore, our number one priority is results. We aim to deliver you the best products with the highest quality in order to seamlessly ease your pain, up your game, and improve your life. 

    Full Spectrum CBD is the single most effective product at decreasing inflammation, reducing anxiety, and keeping you well-rested without negative side effects. At Sivan, we believe that yesterday’s pains should not affect today’s performance. As a result, we bring you top-of-the-line CBD products that are tailor-made to your lifestyle. We’re bringing you CBD in whatever format is best suited to you. Whether it be CBD lotion, CBD gummies, or CBD tinctures, we’ve got the highest quality CBD products on the market. 

    We sell our products online as well as in CBD stores and dispensaries near you. We will be in New York and New England dispensaries and CBD stores. As we expand, we will move to dispensaries and CBD stores nation-wide! 

    Whether you are using our CBD lotion, CBD gummies, CBD tinctures, CBD oils, or any other of our CBD products, we guarantee you the best CBD benefits. If you are interested in CBD for anxiety, CBD for pain relief, or CBD for sleep, look no further! 

    We use different CBD strains specifically designed to deliver you maximum CBD benefits. SivanCBD has you covered with the best CBD products on the market, available for purchase in CBD stores and CBD dispensaries and our online CBD shop!

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